We are passionate about breaking barriers and embracing inclusivity in the outdoors. One question that frequently comes our way is, "How can you make a coat unisex when female coats are often more tailored?" 

Gone are the days when clothing was strictly categorised by gender. We've left the 19th century behind, along with its outdated sexism and other archaic notions. Instead, we've paved the way for a new era of fashion that celebrates individuality and empowers everyone to enjoy the great outdoors comfortably and confidently.

Introducing Our All-Gender Fit System

We believe that outdoor adventures should be accessible to all, regardless of gender or body type. That's why we've designed an all-gender fit system that considers a diverse spectrum of sizes, genders, and forms. Our coats are thoughtfully crafted to fit a wide range of individuals, making them versatile and accommodating for everyone. 

Inclusivity and Sustainability Go Hand in Hand

For us, it's not just about creating gender-neutral clothing; it's about promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste. Our all-gender fit system encourages the sharing of coats among partners, friends, or anyone who can comfortably wear them. By sharing a coat, you not only save money but also contribute to a greener planet by minimising unnecessary purchases and excess production.

Personal Preference Matters

We understand that personal preference plays a significant role in how clothing fits and feels. That's why we provide you the freedom to choose what suits you best. Our gender-neutral coats offer a range of styles and fits, allowing you to decide what makes you feel most comfortable and confident during your outdoor adventures. 

Your Feedback Matters

We are always eager to learn and grow. We value your feedback and insights. If you feel that we can improve or if there's something we may have overlooked, please let us know! We are committed to evolving and refining our designs to better serve our community. 

Join Us on Our Journey

Embracing gender-neutral clothing in the outdoors is not just a fashion statement; it's a movement towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. 

Take a look at our range, here. 

July 24, 2023 — Ryde UK