Popular questions we get asked during our time here on Earth

What makes these different to Dryrobe?

We get this question a lot. Dryrobes were created to solve the problem of getting changed after a surf, without flashing everyone.

Ryde robes were created as a hybrid alternative, you can still use them as a change robe but they're more streamlined, subtle branding, less bulky and easier to carry around with you.

Somewhere in the middle of a change robe and a coat.

The design is simple, with the idea being 'beach to bar' - you can transition seamlessly between occasions. Sustainablity is not just how the proudct is made but it's intended use, you can wear your robe anywhere. Ryde Robes are packed with other features such as built in gloves, provis detailing to keep you safe in poor visibility and can be customised with your own branding. It's less about us and more about you.

How can a Ryde coat be unisex? Surely it's hard to fit both?

Ryde created an all-gender fit system that was made with a spectrum of sizes, genders and forms in mind.

The outdoors is for everyone and if you can share a coat with your partner, friend, whoever and save some money - that's sustainable in our eyes.

What's the difference between the Robe and Poncho?

Not an awful lot! It's purely a style preference. The robe jacket has a pull zip and wind buffer. The poncho is 'over the head' and has a 3/4 zip from the chest to the neck. Both have the provis detailing, fold over cuffs, polar fleece lining and sustainable material.

How long is the Gorpcore Puffer?

It depends on the height of the wearer but on average the puffer is ankle length. It provides full coverage and makes it a good option for equestrian, dog walkers or anything 'muddy.' The robes in comparison are knee length.

How durable are Ryde Robes?

Ryde outwear is made of strong, durable materials. They are designed to handle every day wear and tear and the unpredictability of the outdoors, so they will last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes! Take a look here.

Can I personalise my coat?

Yup, with a few conditions. Drop us a message at hello@ryde.store and lets have a chat.

What do you mean by transparent supply chain?

A few things. Every manufacturer we work with, we personally visit them several times a year to ensure that the working conditions are ethical and that our values align. Ryde products are all made within Europe and are not from Alibaba or China. All products are bespoke and we wouldn't be able to travel as often/ have the same working relationship with our supply chain.

Slow fashion - big fashion brands can add 100000s of new items a day. Fast fashion causes waste, clothing that is only designed to be worn a few times until it breaks and questionable ethics. We like it in the slow lane to counteract all of the reasons above and it gives us more time to focus on customer service and getting things right.

Can I return an item if it doesn't fit?

Our return process is a bit like one of those Russian Dolls.

You think you're at the end and then bam, one more creepy looking doll.

Just kidding, life is hard enough so we've made our returns policy super simple. Just email us with your order number at hello@ryde.store and we'll do the rest. Full policy here.

Why are you late picking me up?

A Spanish lady once left us a bad TrustPilot FUMING that we hadn't picked her up on time. Turns out she'd rang a taxi and googled our number by mistake.

Can I buy you a drink?

LinkedIn these days is POPPING off. It's like Tinder in suits. Our answer is no, sorry Chad but you can buy us a coffee to help us keep putting more good into what we do.