We recently collaborated with a band called Black Coast (no pun intended with the 🌊) and joined them on a music video shoot day.

The aim was to showcase how RYDE gear - whilst ideal for watersports, also had multiple functionalities beyond the beach.


Black Coast Heavy Metal Band Wearing Branded Ryde Robe Poncho

These guys are a metal band and tour all year round and they now have an easy coat/poncho to throw on when they’re van life-ing, waiting backstage in cold venues or getting changed.

They’re converted and we now have a new heavy metal market to talk to  😂🤘

Maybe we’ll release our own album soon -

‘Straight Outta Cornwall’ 🏝️

Black Coast Heavy Metal Corporate Branded Coat

Ryde: https://ryde.store
Black Coast: https://www.blackcoast.co.uk/ 


February 25, 2023 — Ryde UK