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If you are reading this, we probably have some things in common. We spend our lives outdoors, in cold lakes or blustery hills. Weekends are spent on pitch side-lines, days at the coast, hiking, camping, you name it.

We have just launched a range of coats that are made sustainably using innovative materials. Whatever the weather, whatever the occasion - we hope you find something you like to keep you warm, keep you dry and most importantly thanks to our pioneering Pro-Visibility detailing, keep you safe. Designed in Britain, made with love.

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Inspired by the outdoors

Ryde is brand run with empathy, feeling and a love for the outdoors. Whether it be packing up your van for a life on the road, taking the plunge (literally) with open water swimming or walking the dog, it's a type of freedom we want to live by and one that we share. We create high quality, sustainable products designed for exploring. From everyday activewear for the ordinary, to technical apparel for the extraordinary. 

Inspired daily by the world we live in, the books we read, the people we meet and the cultures we immerse ourselves in. We exist to encourage others, help them find their 'why' and to have as much fun as possible. Based in the North West, UK, we love what we do and we are proud of our inclusive community and supply chain.

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Our Values

Shifting the focus from doing less harm to doing more good. We believe big change starts small. Priding ourselves on inclusive, durable and long-lasting designs, closed loop and biodegradable solutions. Working hard from production to product to support fair and supportive environments, with cross industry collaboration lighting the way to a more sustainable future.

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We aren’t perfect, nor will we ever claim to be. However, we will strive to always be working towards a positive environmental impact. Ryde are an official member of 1% for the planet amongst other incentives. Find out more by clicking the below.

Rain or Shine

Everyday activewear for the ordinary. Prepared for the extraordinary.