In the grips of lockdown, the 'great British outdoors' opened its arms to newcomers. People seeking fresh air, a change of scenery.

At one point, I remember scrolling my social media feed. It seemed that every day there were heartbreaking news stories. People missing. Drownings. Pedestrians getting hit by cars. It painted a bleak picture and it was nothing new. Even the most experienced explorers can get into trouble and need help.

I thought to myself, it would be great if there was a safety feature on your clothes that wasn't you know, really obvious. Not an add on, nothing extra to remember, or a bright flashing light. Just part of your clothing without it looking like you were going to a 90s rave.

Because for whatever reason, keeping safe isn't always perceived as... cool?


Before our paths crossed, Emily had worked with the Royal Navy Lifeboat Institution and won an award for her pioneering safety uniform designs. This knowledge is something that she has brought to our outerwear, with more styles to come in the near future.

We can't and won't make outlandish claims that our outerwear will keep you safe. It won't. But it works with you. The reflective detailing is always there. Stylish in the daylight. Illuminated by torch.

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December 18, 2021 — Ryde UK