We met the @trashfreetrails team during the 'Earth Day Spring Clean' and left feeling inspired (and knackered) from a day of cleaning trails. A step beyond 'leave NO trace' to leaving a positive one.

A mission we can get behind 🌍

Afterwards, we reached out with some Ryde branded ponchos because, like us - the team spend most of their time in the great outdoors - aka soaked, muddy and cold.

Trash Free Trails event at Ard Line Red Bull, Wales


Makes it harder to change the world when you're cold and drenched, doesn't it?

Beyond this, they also are also exceptional at what they do for people and planet. If we can encourage you to do one thing, please drop them a follow and get involved with their #purposefuladventure this summer.

Trash Free Trails Purposeful Adventure

From nature connection, organised cleans, education and insight from @domtrashfreetrails - Ryde and an army of trash mobbers vouch for their mission and what they stand for 🙌 


📸 @petescullion

August 04, 2023 — Ryde UK