Thanks to a recent deep-dive/plunge into some cold water algorithms (not sure that even makes sense but we're here for the metaphors), we are happy to bring you another Instagram discovery that we think is well worth a follow: @risefierce

In their own words, Rise Fierce is a cold-water community, founded by Sophie Hellyer who empowers women through wild swimming and the transformative power of cold water on the body and mind. 

What started out as a few friends getting in the sea for an icy swim has now become a community of women across the world supporting and motivating each other to embrace the cold and 'rise fierce' together. A pretty cool vibe set against the icy UK shores. 

Sharing these experiences on social media using #RiseFierce, other women were soon inspired to get in the sea themselves and embrace the benefits of cold water swimming in the company of friends.  

Rise fierce retreats

Rise fierce host regular retreats across the UK and Eire - incorporating wild swimming, surfing, yoga and the like.

We're happy our paths crossed and we hope to attend/see you at some in the near future. In the spirit of rising up and supporting one another - check it out!  

September 29, 2021 — Ryde UK