A weekend away camping, in a field full of LGBTQIA+ women, trans & non-binary folks - what's not to love! 

The Queer Campfire was founded by Jaz and Elle who during Pride Month 2021 realised, as a queer couple, were missing a queer community. After spending Pride Month obsessively consuming any queer content (yup, TikTok thirst traps included), queer media representation, and pining over the many London-based LGBTQIA+ meet-ups and spaces... 😮‍💨 

The short story? The Queer Campfire Festival was born. 

Ryde are attending this year and are looking forward to finding friends around the campfire and and enjoying a diverse line-up of queer talent: from comedy sets, to live music. We will have a stand over the weekend and a small selection of our product range up for grabs, plus sponsoring the pub quiz on the Friday (we're entering though 😇) 

This is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ women, trans, non-binary and gender non-confirming folks.  

More information here: https://www.thequeercampfire.co.uk/ 

June 23, 2023 — Ryde UK