Ryde Robe and Poncho Independent Review

It feels like winter has suddenly switched on here in the UK. If you’re not in your hooded winter suit yet, then you’re tough as nails. This morning’s surf was one of the most bitter - the kind where it stings your eyes and you regret not wearing gloves. I had to warm my hands up before trying to get my boots off because they were numb… Laura, Founder of Daughters of the Sea. 

Getting out of the water after a mid-winter session is possibly the hardest thing about surfing or swimming in a cold climate. And, if where you surf is anywhere like where we are in Wales, you’ll no doubt be changing in a car park or lay-by, in the wind and rain.

The last thing you need (or want) is flashing to everyone while you’re struggling to pull on the skinny jeans you regret wearing. And that’s without considering the serious impact of big temperature changes and not warming up properly post-surf. 


Did you know that when you exit the water, your body temperature continues to drop? This is known as “the afterdrop” - watch this video from Sophie Hellyer x Stanley on this.

This is why we’re adding a change robe to our winter essentials list. A good change robe can seriously save you after a bitter surf or swim, helping you warm up faster and protect you from the elements.

Say goodbye to nip slips and goosebumps once and for all…

The Review

Take a look at what popular surf mag, Daughters of The Sea had to say about robes, here.

December 08, 2022 — Ryde UK