There's nothing better than watching somebody follow their passion and everything else fall perfectly into place. The founders of 'Wild Wanderers' went viral on Tiktok after posting videos encouraging people to get outside and explore. 31 thousand followers  (and growing) later, the Wild Wanderers have branched out into countless regional Facebook groups, advocating for the great outdoors and encouraging all women (it's inclusive!) to befriend other women. A sanctuary for people to make friends, try new things and for safety in numbers. 


What an amazing night for our first full moon meet up all amazing ladies 🌕🌊 ##wildwomen ##wildswimming ##fullmoon ##manfestation ##northsea ##friendship

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The group happily welcomes ladies of all levels and experience in hiking, who are interested in arranging or joining meet-ups with likeminded people to engage in activities. The group aims to create a safe virtual space where women can connect, share and support each other through posts with practical information, tips and advice that hopefully inspire and encourage others in further exploring, developing and/or growing in confidence, knowledge and skills to allow them to gain more access and enjoyment of activities associated with the great outdoors. 

To find out more please visit their Facebook page here! 

We try to join the events that we can, so if you see us at an event please say hi 😊