'In a world where you can be anything...' 

... Be kind, right? 

Although as with anything, the message has become somewhat diluted.

The very definition of kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. 
So we decided to advocate for those things. 

"When you create a difference in someone's life, you not only impact their life, you impact everyone influenced by them throughout their entire lifetime.

No act is ever too small. One by one, this is how to make an ocean rise."

We're offering the chance for you lovely people to write in to kynd@ryde.store nominating somebody in your life, from a friend - family member - to somebody you've stumbled across on social media, with a short paragraph about why you'd like to put them forward and what they have been doing, saying, helping, supporting or generally just being great. 

Going above and beyond for others, making people smile, making a difference however big or small. 

Once a month, we'll review and send a selection of individuals you believe are 'one of a kynd', a gift from Ryde - with a note and a general thank you. 

The best type of giving is when you expect nothing in return. So we're overthrowing the process and offering something back.


June 18, 2022 — Ryde UK