Tangle Ocean Green Sustainable Dog Lead



This handcrafted dog lead was once an unwanted fishing net bound to be lost in our oceans for decades to come… just waiting to entangle and kill marine life. Tangle have put a stop to that.

Coming in a range of genuine fishing net colours, tangle have paired rust-resistant metal and a soft padded cork handle to make it sturdy and reliable. Balance style, sustainability and function with Tangle. 

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Tangle Key Features

4ft long dog lead

Made from 100% discarded fishing nets (sustainable recycled material)‘Ocean Green’ colour

Padded chocolate brown cork material handle

12mm rope, 300kg+ break load (suitable for small and large dogs)

Chrome plated clip + O-ring that allows you to clip the lead over your shoulder when your dog’s running free

Cork TANGLE label

We donate £1 to Ghost Fishing UK for every product purchased to allow them to continue to slowly repair our oceans. 

Please note that due to the materials and process behind making the Tangle leads, each one will be unique. Small variations in colour and length can be expected.

The Tangle Process

The process:

1) Tangle start by collecting end of life fishing nets from a range of ports, net makers, and plastics collection partners globally (to prevent them being disposed overboard at sea which is often most convenient for lazy fisherman).

2) They recycle these nets through a process of deconstruction, sorting and fractioning into different types of plastics and colours. The material is then shredded, washed, separated and dried.

3) Lastly, we compound and extrude it into 100% recycled green pellets.For this particular product the pellets are extruded and spun into our proprietary Tangle yarn.

From there we create the double-core 16-braid-count Tangle dog lead you see today.