Good things don't come to those who waste. 

It's a grim statistic but only 1-2% of clothing is recycled — the rest is tossed into landfills, downcycled, or burned. Fast fashion is a buzz kill and something we ran away from when we were designing our range. 

Our clothes are designed to last, but wear and tear can take its toll. When you’re finished with your Ryde coats, send them to us to be reused, repurposed and recycled at one of our supporting partners or charities based in Cheshire. You’ll get £15 store credit, avoid creating more waste on the planet, and help us close the loop. Happy days. 

To send in your old Ryde please email us at with the subject line 'Closing the Loop.'

We will then send you a shipping label or offer local collection. When your product has reached our depot, we will issue you with a gift card via email.  

Zero Waste Business

Whilst we are not perfect, we are constantly learning and trying our best to fully close the loop. 

In the spirit of community, we partner with a state of the art innovative company based in Cheshire, UK. With over 30 years experience, our partner provides a multitude of waste solutions that benefits the local geographical area, economy and community in the UK and we are proud to support this journey. The patented technology converts waste product that would normally go for export or landfill, into a viable raw material for use in commercial and construction products. 

March 04, 2021 — Ryde UK